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Why take advantage of defensive driving courses for corporate drivers in NSW

New South Wales was observed to have the highest fatality rates from road accidents, consisting of up to 29% of all road fatalities in Australia. Thus, if you have one or a few vehicles to use in your business, you should consider enrolling your drivers to a defensive driving course Sydney has to offer.


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Remember that defensive driving is very beneficial in many ways, and learning about it is not merely complying state traffic laws. It can help ensure the safety of your drivers, your vehicles, and anyone or anything along the road.

The perks of defensive driving courses and their basic principles

Why should you enroll your drivers in a Sydney defensive driving course if they already know how to drive? The answer comes in the form of these benefits:

  • Driving responsibly may sound very basic, thus many employers doesn’t see it as necessary. However, with the high fatality rate of road accidents in NSW and in Australia, it appears that it’s not that basic after all. Defensive driving courses can help with gearing your drivers towards such simple, yet vital, behaviour on the road.
  • Defensive driving means driving carefully and responsibly on various road situations. Thus, this will keep your driver and your vehicle safe.
  • A defensive driving course in Sydney also teaches your drivers to efficiently avoid accidents, especially those that can hurt pedestrians and other motorists. On a corporate perspective, that could save you time, cash, and hassles in taking responsibilities of accidents your drivers might have caused.
  • Defensive driving can also keep your passengers and products away from harm. For instance, you wouldn’t want your driver to crash your company truck that carries construction supplies, would you?

The vital principles of defensive driving

Many driving experts agree about the vital principles of defensive driving, and these should be taught in any defensive driving course Sydney has to offer. According to research, this will potentially reduce accidents by up to 98%, especially if all drivers would be defensive whilst on the road.

  • Always keep the focus on driving and keep all possible distractions away. A huge chunk of road accidents resulted from distracted driving, so make sure to avoid texting, eating, answering a call, looking away from the road, and some other things that can cause a distraction.
  • Keep a good distance from the car in front. Experts suggest to observe the 2 to 3-second distance to avoid rear-end collision.
  • Observe proper speed limits posted in several sections of the roads. Better yet, you should maintain speeds on comfortable and manageable levels. Never sacrifice control for speed.
  • Any defensive driving course Sydney has are telling not to drive when not fit, like when intoxicated with alcohol. This is also when you take medications that induce sleep or when you feel tired or restless.
  • Consider buying and maintaining quality safety features for vehicles. Such add-ons can help a lot in keeping a driver safe whilst on the road.

That is why you should really find defensive driving course Sydney drivers also take for your corporate drivers. The best driving schools in NSW, like Performance Driving Australia, provide online courses as well, so your drivers can learn in their most convenient time.